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War In The Air Classic BBC TV Series on 3 DVDs - NEW & SEALED

3 DVD, PAL 4:3, Region 2, Contains Subtitles, Run Time Approx: 7 Hours 30 Mins

War In The Air - This Outstanding BBC Television Documentary Series

In 1954, the BBC produced an outstanding documentary series on aerial warfare from 1935 to 1950, comprising fifteen half hour episodes. The series took two years to make. It featured the pick of nearly twelve million feet of Allied and enemy film footage, and was heavily weighted towards the role of the Royal Air Force.

The series starts with an RAF ill-prepared for the outbreak of war in 1939, its aircraft outclassed and outgunned by a new generation of Luftwaffe fighters and bombers. War In The Air BBC TV Documentary SeriesWorld War Two in the air is covered in great detail, in every theatre of operations, from the Battle of Britain and the role of RAF Coastal Command to the bombing of Nazi Germany and the air war against the Japanese. The series culminates with a look at the Berlin Airlift, the air war in Korea and the new generation of military jets facing new threats and new enemies in the Cold War world. WAR IN THE AIR was broadcast to huge critical and public acclaim. For decades, it was considered essential viewing for every new RAF recruit. However, it has never been repeated on BBC Television. Now, DD Home Entertainment, in consultation with the BBC and the Imperial War Museum, are able to offer this major series - complete and uncut - on DVD for the very first time, making use of prints of the original episodes.

  • Narrated by: Sir Philip Joubert KCB, CMG, DSC.
  • Produced and Written by: John Elliot
  • Directed by:Philip Dorte
  • Music Specially Composed by: Sir Arthur Bliss - MCPS

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