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Keith Floyd Complete Cookery Collection

All 54 Episodes on 14 DVDs

14 DVD Set, PAL, Region 0, Cat Ref: 86288, Time 1489 Mins

The Complete Collection of all the "Keith Floyd on..." DVDs is now just been released for the first time on 14 DVDs in this great Box Set. Enjoy all 54 episodes of this feast of cooking entertainment as Mr Keith Floyd entertains you with his own special style.


In Floyd Around The Med, lubricated with olive oil and liberally washed down with wine; Floyd, with frying pan in hand, embarks on a magical journey through the rich and varied cultures of the Mediterranean. Floyd explores the culture and lifestyles of the local people, meets with celebrities at major well known events and discovers the history, architecture and gastronomy of the Mediterranean.

This two disc collection features all nine episodes of Floyd Around The Med.

Disc One

  • Episode 1 - Greece
  • Episode 2 - Greece II
  • Episode 3 - Turkey
  • Episode 4 - France
  • Episode 5 - Spain

Disc Two

  • Episode 6 - Spain II
  • Episode 7 - Tunisia and Morocco
  • Episode 8 - Egypt
  • Episode 9 - Egypt II


In this part of 'The Keith Floyd Cookery Collection' the flamboyant chef goes in search of the true flavour of Spain. This series celebrates the food and drink of regional Spain in restaurants and bars, mountain tops and the length and breadth of this rich and diverse country.

This two disc collection features all seven episodes of Floyd On Spain.

Disc One

  • Episode 1 - Galicia
  • Episode 2 - Basque Country
  • Episode 3 - Catalonia
  • Episode 4 - Balearics

Disc Two

  • Episode 5 - Costa Blanca
  • Episode 6 - Andalucia
  • Episode 7 - La Mancha/Madrid


Floyd's mission is to discover the varied tastes and the rich regional diversity of Italian cuisine. The eccentric chef abandons all accepted conventions as he forays into the best restaurants and the most luscious vineyards. Amidst the classic scenery Floyd prepares exquisite dishes including squid ink tagliatelle and Tuscan wild boar.

Disc One

  • Episode 1 - Liguria & Piedmont
  • Episode 2 - Emilia Romagna
  • Episode 3 - Tuscany
  • Episode 4 - Umbria

Disc Two

  • Episode 5 - Puglia
  • Episode 6 - Calabria
  • Episode 7 - Sicily
  • Episode 9 - Egypt II


This is the Keith Floyd we know and love as he sets about a passionate in depth analysis of French wine and the surrounding culture.

In this two DVD boxset Keith Floyd takes a rest from his kitchen and dedicates some time to his favourite hobby as he sets off to explore the wine regions of France.

Keith is interested in seeing the local beauty spots, learning the history, meeting the people, eating the local produce, and above all, tasting the local wine! This series has never been released on DVD.

Disc One

  • Episode 1 - Burgundy
  • Episode 2 - Loire
  • Episode 3 - Rhone
  • Episode 4 - Bordeaux

Disc Two

  • Episode 5 - Alsace
  • Episode 6 - Provence
  • Episode 7 - Languedoc
  • Episode 8 - Champagne


The latest in this series takes Floyd to to Asia. Set in unusual locations, Far Flung Floyd is a gastronomic voyage exploring the diversity of Asian cuisines, cultures, languages and landscapes. Keith explores the distinct language, culture and geography of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand

Far Flung Floyd contains seven episodes on 2 DVDs and discovers some delightful Asian food and lifestyles.

With a special esoteric flamboyance, Keith Floyd makes a gastronomic voyage to discover the diversity of Asian cuisines, as well as the distinct differences in language, culture, geography and tradition in South East Asia.

His entertaining demonstrations of food preparation take Floyd to locations as diverse as fishing boats, mobile food kitchens and beaches to the most famous restaurants in the Far East, his guests ranging from local families to national celebrities.

This two disc collection features all seven episodes of Far Flung Floyd as he weaves his way into the homes and kitchens of local families and celebrities.

Disc One

  • Episode 1 - Vietnam
  • Episode 2 - Bangkok
  • Episode 3 - North Thailand
  • Episode 4 - Koh Samui

Disc Two

  • Episode 5 - West Malaysia
  • Episode 6 - East Malaysia
  • Episode 7 - Hong Kong


In this part of 'The Keith Floyd Cookery Collection' the flamboyant chef travels to Africa, visiting a number of regions. The boisterious and bubbly Floyd cooks traditional dishes from each area using a variety of heat sources, sometimes in surprising surroundings. Places visited include South Africa, Zimbabwe, Madagascar and Zambia. This two disc collection features all seven episodes of Floyd On Africa.

Disc One

  • Episode 1 - Cape Town 1
  • Episode 2 - Sun City
  • Episode 3 - Madagascar 1
  • Episode 4 - Madagascar 2

Disc Two

  • Episode 5 - Durban
  • Episode 6 - Elephant Safari
  • Episode 7 - Cape Town 2


In this epidode of 'The Keith Floyd Cookery Collection' Keith Floyd travels to some enigmatic Scandinavian regions in pursuit of more of those local delicacies prepared using local techniques.

This culinary adventure traverses the frozen arctic wastelands of Lapland, crosses Sweden and Denmark, fords Norway’s majestic fjords and concludes in Greenland. From herring fillets with dill and parsley to smoked loin of pork in cherry sauce, Scandinavian cuisine is brought vividly to life.

This two disc collection features all seven episodes of Floyd's Fjord Fiesta.

Disc 1

  • Episode 1 - Norway
  • Episode 2 - Norway
  • Episode 3 - Greenland
  • Episode 4 - Denmark

Disc 2

  • Episode 5 - Norway / Sweden
  • Episode 6 - Sweden
  • Episode 7 - Norway

Keith Floyd's programmes continue to be broadcast on UK TV.

The eccentric but highly acclaimed British Chef Keith Floyd has made himself a household name with TV audiences throughout the world by intuitive cooking in odd locations, interspersed with entertaining comments and conversations.

Floyd branded himself a "Gastronaut" to explain his style and approach, and his series consist mainly of travelogues in the realm of food. Since 1985 he presented 18 series and wrote 20 top-selling books.

This version Released: December 2019


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