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The District Nurse - Complete Series One on 2 DVDs

Brand New Sealed 2 DVD Set, PAL, Region 2

Nerys Hughes stars as District Nurse Megan Roberts in this hit BBC Drama Series released on this now rare 2 DVD set - Almost 6 hours running time.

In the 1920s, District Nurse Megan Roberts is assigned to a poor Welsh mining village where life has hardly changed since Victorian times. Educated and an outsider, she is treated with deep suspicion by many of the locals. Life in the villiage is cruel, harsh and deprived. The population are mired in poverty and their only solace is to be found in the bottle and religion.

As the strong-willed Megan fights to bring what comfort she can, she also finds herself battling against powerful farmers, local officials and mine owners who care nothing about the villagers' welfare. Things come to a head when a contaminated local water supply threatens an epidemic and cost cutting at the old drift mine has tragic consequences for the safety of the miners.


Parental Guidance - Parental Guidance (Some scenes may be unsuitable for young children)

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