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Old Mother Riley 3 DVD Collection (NOW NEW PACKAGING)

3 DVD, PAL, Region 0, Run Time: 9 Hours 3 Mins B/W

Arthur Lucan and Kitty McShane created their very popular mother and daughter double act in the Variety Halls and topped the bill for almost 30 years. Lucan went on to make film history by being the first man to dress as a woman all the way through a feature film! No less than 15 Old Mother Riley films were made between 1937 and 1952, a testament to the enduring popularity of this bizarre and truly original comedy character.

This Box Set Contains 6 Films On 3 DVDs as shown below [NOW INCLUDES The Lost Film "OLD MOTHER RILEY" Plus Exclusive Documentary "ARTHUR & KITTY" and "BRIDGET'S NIGHT OUT"],

OLD MOTHER RILEY MEETS THE VAMPIRE: In one of the strangest team-ups in cinema history, America's King of Horror, Bela Lugosi (Dracula) meets one of Britain's most bizarre comic creations in her last-ever screen adventure! All of London is being terrorised by a mad scientist the police call "The Vampire". Thirty beautiful girls have gone missing in one week alone - and Old Mother Riley fears she'll be next! When The Vampire's new robot is delivered by mistake to her little shop on Ration Row, Old Mother Riley is indeed kidnapped - and delivered to the fiend's lair. Now, the sozzled old dear must outwit the most brilliant scientist on earth - and save the world! With a grand supporting cast including Dora Bryan, Richard Wattis, Hattie Jacques and Dandy Nichols, this is one classic British comedy you can really sink your teeth into!

OLD MOTHER RILEY HEADMISTRESS: Old Mother Riley is rather proud of her education - after all, she went to an approved school, but never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine she'd rise to become the headmistress of an exclusive girls' finishing school! However, thanks to an unexpected inheritance from a distant relative in Ireland, she and daughter Kitty find themselves the proud owners of St. Mildred's School for Young Ladies. Old Mother Riley throws herself into her new role with gusto, whether it's conducting P.E. lessons for a bevy of young beauties, shamelessly cheating at Sports Day or battling the haunted school piano! Life is good for the old rogue from Ration Row, until a gang of unscrupulous crooks decide they want to get in on the action!

OLD MOTHER RILEY - NEW VENTURE: When the proprietor of a posh London hotel mysteriously decides to take a break, he promotes Old Mother Riley straight from kitchen dishwasher to the head of the hotel! So it's goodbye Ration Row and hello swanky Penthouse living for Old Mother Riley and daughter Kitty. First stop is the beauty parlour – a real challenge – and then it's off to a feast with Arab royalty for a lesson in appalling table manners! However, there are sinister goings on at the hotel. The royal Hula Diamond goes missing – and Old Mother Riley finds herself accused of murder! To prove her innocence, she and Kitty must become crimebusters – armed only with custard pies from the kitchen! Joining her on her new venture is a great supporting cast which includes Sebastian Cabot and John Le Meseurier.

OLD MOTHER RILEY - JUNGLE TREASURE: Old Mother Riley has always had trouble with the spirits, but this time it's the ghost of infamous pirate Captain Morgan that's troubling her! She thinks he wants to sweep her off to bed, but really all he wants is to show her the location of his lost treasure map! Having found the map the Captain's old bed, now she, daughter Kitty and an assortment of adventurers are bound for the deepest, darkest West Indies in search of a fabulous treasure trove! When their charter aircraft crashes, they find themselves in the strangest jungle ever, populated by lions, tigers. Crocodiles, penguins and public school-educated natives nicknamed 'Stinker'! If that weren't enough, the site of the treasure is guarded by voodoo-worshipping cannibals from a forbidden temple! How will the humble washerwoman from Ration Row cope in her wildest adventure ever? "Lucan at his best is a superb comedian" - Halliwell's Film Guide

OLD MOTHER RILEY MP: Old Mother Riley brings the House down as she stands for parliament in this classic British comedy! A wild and extremely strange elderly Irish washerwoman, Old Mother Riley runs foul of her local council and decides to take matters into her own hands by running for parliament. However, the voting public just aren't ready for Old Mother Riley's unique form of canvassing!

OLD MOTHER RILEY IN PARIS: Look out Paris - Old Mother Riley is on her way! When Old Mother Riley and her wayward daughter Kitty both lose their jobs, only a fast insurance claim saves them from ruin. Now flush with cash, they decide to head for Paris. Kitty wants to find her boyfriend and Old Mother Riley's keen to track down her lodger, Joe. Once in Paris, trouble ensues - with hilarious consequences. Old Mother Riley is mistaken for a spy and finds herself onstage performing in an Apache Indian big dance number!


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