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HMS Splendid - The Complete BBC Series

DVD - PAL - Region 2


In 1997 the BBC were allowed on board HMS Splendid, one of the Royal Navy's 12 Hunter-Killer submarines to record one of the most important missions of her career.

Nuclear powered to ruthlessly seek out and destroy other submarines and warships, Hunter-Killer submarines are usually subject to the highest levels of security. This record of HMS Splendid on active service is therefore totally unique.

This highly acclaimed BBC series - shown here in unabridged and uncut form - follows HMS Splendid from her base in Faslane on a 3 month undersea mission via the Panama Canal to San Diego where the submarine is charged with the vital task of firing the Royal Navy's first ever Tomahawk Missile. Life on board is captured in vivid detail, from the control room to the galley with officers and ratings providing a unique insight into one of the most dangerous and demanding jobs in the world.

In addition to the San Diego mission, the series also takes you on board HMS Trafalgar to follow HMS Splendid's new lieutenant Commander through "Perisher" the selection course for the submarine service and then on simulated combat exercises with submarines, warships and helicopters in the North Sea.

Narrated by David Suchet


Special Note

USA and Overseas Buyers : - Please Note that these DVDs are Region 2 and the format of the DVD is in PAL. This means that your playback equipment must be able to handle PAL format. Make sure you check your DVD player and TV to make sure before buying.

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