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Soundtracks - Themes And Dreams - 2CD set


the definitive 2CD collection.

Disc 1

1.Any Other Name (from American Beauty)
2.Swan Lake (from Billy Elliot)
3.Etude (theme from The Killing Fields)
5.Chi Mai
6.Now We Are Free (from Gladiator)
7.Starsky & Hutch
8.Theme from Good Will Hunting
9.Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
10.May It Be (from Fellowship Of The Ring)
11.Sarabande (from Barry Lyndon)
12.Theme from The Ipcress File
13.X Files
14.The Hands that Built America (from Gangs Of New York)
15.Theme from The Exorcist
16.Flower Duet from Lakme (British Airways)
17.Crockett's Theme
18.World In Union
19.Wicked Game (theme from Twin Peaks)
20.Come What May (from Moulin Rouge)

Disc 2

1.Cockeye's Theme (from One Upon A Time In America)
2.An Ending (from Traffic)
3.The Blue Danube (from 2001)
4.Force Of Destiny (Stella ad)
5.The Piano
6.Dream A Little Dream Of Me (C&A ad)
7.Midnight Cowboy
8.The Theme from The Godfather
9.The First Time I Saw Your Face
10.Raindrop Prelude (from Face Off)
11.Axel F
12.You Made Me So Very Happy (American Express)
13.Aileen Duinn (Theme from Rob Roy)
14.Monarch Of The Glen
16.Theme from Life Is Beautiful
17.Blueberry Hill (Bells Whisky ad)
18.Eve Of The War (from War Of The Worlds)
19.Theme from A Beautiful Mind
20.Mad World (from Donnie Darko)
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