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Memphis Belle / Gettysburg / Escape To Victory / Heaven and Earth - NEW & SEALED

4 DVD - PAL - Region 2 - Run Time: 594 Mins



Starring Matthew Modine Eric Stoltz...

..A 1943 WWII drama set in the skies as a ten man bomber crew are on a dangerous mission to attack and bomb a stratigic target in Bremen. They are all feeling uneasy about this, their last mission together and this gets worse when the two planes preceding them are shot down. This a gripping true story of courage.....


Starring Tom Berenger Martin Sheen

...Summer 1863. The Confederacy pushes north into Pennsylvania. Union divisions converge to face them. Two great armies will clash at Gettysburg, site of a theology school. For three days, through such legendary actions as Little Round Top and Pickett's Charge, the fate of "one nation, indivisible" hangs in the balance. The bloodiest battle fought on American soil comes to the screen in a powerful production "about the strategies, calculations, mistakes and heroism that turned the tide in the Civil War. A film Civil War buffs will find indispensible...


Starring Sylvester Stallone Michael Caine

...This is no ordinary soccer match. This is war! The battlefield: a stadium in occupied Paris. The armies: German All-Stars vs. Ragtag Allied POWs. The objective: demonstrate another "proof" of Aryan superiority. Guess who wins? Better yet, guess who cleverly uses the match as a means of escape? SYLVESTER STALLONE MICHAEL CAINE and MAX VON SYDOW star in this rouser directed by the legendary John Huston. The climatic match is a heart-in-the-throat, hat-in-the-air exhibition of brute force and balletic grace featuring soccer legends PELE, BOBBY MOORE, OSVALDO ARDILES, CO PRINS, MIKE SUMMERBEE and more. Score a splendid entertainment goal for Victory!....


Starring Tommy Lee Jones Joan Chen

...From three-time Academy Award winning filmmaker Oliver Stone whose Platoon took you to the Vietnam battlefront and whose Born On The Fourth Of July took you to the American homefront comes an acclaimed movie about the fight to survive on both fronts. TOMMY LEE JONES and JOAN CHEN turn in award-caliber performances in this powerful story of a man who fought, a woman who endured and a love caught up in the explosive wartime upheaval of a land and people caught between Heaven and Earth...


USA and Overseas Buyers: - Please Note that this DVD is Region 2 and the format of the DVD is in PAL. This means that your playback equipment must be code free and able to handle PAL format. Make sure you check your DVD player and TV to make sure before buying.

15 and over only - Certificate Fifteen (Suitable for persons of 15 years old or over)

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