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Dalziel and Pascoe Exit Lines - BBC

DVD, PAL, Region 2, Run Time: 1 Hour 35 Mins

Exit Lines (Series 2 Episode 4) starring Warren Clarke and Colin Buchanan as Yorkshire Police Detectives Dalziel and Pascoe.

"Andy falls under suspicion of drunk driving after a fatal accident on a fog-shrouded country road, while Peter find himself investigating the death of a proud old soldier, found beaten to death in his bathtub. The prime suspect is his grandson Charlie - another army man. Charlie has recently fallen for local girl Karen Spillings - girl who gets around in more than one sense...

"Meanwhile, Andy has joined the local hunting and shooting set and seems to be making influential connections. He's also withholding secrets from Peter that set off his copper's instincts - and attending parties where Karen Spillings just happens to be waitressing..."



Certificate 12 - Suitable for 12 and over

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