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The Beatroots - White Elephant

Debut Album From Essex Based Band

The Beatroots On StageThe Beatroots are a six piece band from Southend who have recently emerged from a two year long period of hibernation clutching their new album White Elephant. Far from sleeping, they have been lock down in their studio, overdubbing, mixing and finishing their latest release as well as working hard on honing their live show for the imminent promotional tour.

During this period of time, The Beatroots have also found time to record the first half of their new album (which remains nameless) and perform to busy music venues around Essex.

The Beatroots DrumsThe Beatroots started life in early 2004 and after perfecting the songs, recorded the backbone of White Elephant at Goldmaster Studio in 2006. Then after a small but significant change in the line up, they decided to all move into a house together and build a studio in the basement of the premises. That dream is now a tangible reality which affords the band the control and freedom they have craved as they are able to mix, record and produce their own work at their own pace but more importantly, they have the ability to practise or record at any time they wish.

The Beatroots have conquered their home town and have amassed a collection of local fanzine appearances and local radio slots in and around Southend. They have also built a potent local following and are now ready to embark on their journey to captivatethe rest of the UK.

To anyone that follows The Beatroots, White Elephant plays like a greatest hits being essentially retrospective and more reminiscent of their early sound.

Although the material is original, it does not entirely reflect their new sound that has a more modern, urban and introspective direction.

With an eccentrically broad spectrum of influences and sharp vision, The Beatroots' unique sound is difficult to pigeon hole. It involves a cocktail of driving, earthy bass lines, stuttering, choppy and busy drum beats, classic vintage keyboards, The Beatroots Guitarcontemporary guitar riffs, husky, dynamic, enchanting vocalsand sublimely subtle harmonies. The lyrics are subversive but catchy, profound but not profane, politically aware but not politically motivated and intellectual but never esoteric. The words and music find equal groundand their live performances will certainly satiate your senses with the band's innate ability to deliver short dynamic 30 minute shows or lengthy improvised three hour sessions.

CD Track Listing

1. What For
2. New Arrival
3. Branded
4. Consumer World
5. Better Think Twice
6. Market Girl
7. You Can't Fill It Up
8. "So You're Anti-War Then?"...
9. War Song
10. How Can I Pretend
11. Ignorant
12. N.Y. Hell

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