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The Great War BBC Special World War One
The Great War BBC Special World War One

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The Battleships

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The Battleships

The Battleships

DVD - PAL - Region 0 - Runtime: 212 mins


Before the nuclear bomb, no weapon on earth had evoked so much fear, veneration and passion as the
battleship. In destructive power it had no equal. Produced for Channel 4, The Battleships in four
epic programmes unveils the dramatic saga of power, international politics, and one-upmanship that
led to the titanic wars of the twentieth century. It is a story involving rulers, warlords and
admirals who all became intoxicated by the grandeur, majesty and sheer power of these floating

Enriched with eyewitness accounts and contributions from naval experts around the globe, the series
explores the rapid evolution of firepower and battleship design from canvas to steam, timber to
steel, muzzle-loading cannon to 18-inch guns, and beyond, to rocket launchers and missiles. As the
spearhead of colonial expansion and in defence of the great empires the battleship reigned supreme.
In the decade leading up to World War I, Britain and Germany became embroiled in an unprecedented
arms race for domination of the seas.

It was a period when the battleship reigned supreme, a reign, however, that could not keep pace with
the technological advancements taking place that would effect the way wars would be fought in the
future. In the face of submarines and air warfare, the battleship would have a real fight on its
hands to survive as the ultimate weapon of naval warfare. Destruction by aerial bombing and torpedo
attacks during World War II became turning points in the story of the battleship. With the major
powers rethinking their arsenals, only the four US Iowa Class battleships would survive to play a
significant role in the wars of the latter part of the twentieth century.


Special Note

USA and Overseas Buyers : - Please Note that these DVDs are Region 0 and the format of the DVD is in PAL. This means that your playback equipment must be able to handle PAL format. Make sure you check your DVD player and TV to make sure before buying.

Exempt from Classification - Exempt From Classification

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