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The River - David Essex

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The Protectors Complete Series One

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The Protectors Complete Series One

The Protectors Complete Series 1 DVD Box Set - NEW & SEALED

3 DVD, PAL, REGION 2 - GERRY ANDERSON's first and only Thriller Series 1970s ITV Series

The Protectors Complete Series One - 26 EPISODES
Robert Vaughn, Nyree Dawn Porter and Tony Anholt star as Harry Rule, Contessa di Contini and Paul Buchet in Gerry Anderson's first and only contemporary, jet-setting high kicking thriller series.

A lone wolf in London, a beatiful British aristocrat abroad and a suave Parisian specialising in gadgetry come together as three intrepid international private detectives whose services come at the highest price.

The Protectors The Complete Series OneRear View Of The Protectors The Complete Series One



2000 Feet to Die: A friend of Harry's insists on doing a dangerous skydiving trick despite the fact that gold smugglers are trying to kill him.

Brother Hood: A wealthy recluse hires the Protectors to break his brother out of prison.

See No Evil: While in Rome the Protectors try to help a senator who is being blackmailed.

Disappearing Trick: The Contessa ends up putting her life in danger when she agrees to help an old friend win a wager by making him disappear.

Ceremony For the Dead: The wife of a president hires the Protectors to guard her critically ill husband whom she fears may be kidnapped.

It Was All Over Leipzig: While investigating a plot to overthrow the government of a Mediterranean nation the Protectors end up confronting two old friends of the Contessa, one whom with she was romantically involved with.

The Quick Brown Fox: The West German government hires the Protectors to put a pension fund that is supporting fugitive Nazi's out of business.

King Con: The Protectors devise an elaborate con to recover a priceless antique which a woman had been conned out of.

Thinkback: Harry and the Contessa are the victims of a car crash that was engineered to get information out of them.

A Kind of Wild Justice: The daughter of a gangster whom Harry helped put in prison fails twice in her efforts to kill Harry.

Balance of Terror: The KGB hires the Protectors to capture a renegade Russian scientist who plans on destroying London with a new virus to show the world how dangerous biological warfare can be.

Triple Cross: A kidnapped Paul will be blown to bits unless Harry and the Contessa help steal jewels which they have been hired to safeguard.

The Numbers Game: The Protectors only hope of putting a drug smuggling ring out of business lies in being able to decode a coded letter.

For the Rest of Your Natural...: The Contessa is captured by a psychotic killer who puts her on trial for her life.

The Bodyguards: The police hire the Protectors to guard the corpse of a bank robber as part of a ruse to capture his accomplices.

A Matter of Life and Death: In Malta, with only the body of a dead hippie as a clue, the Protectors go after smugglers despite having no idea what it is that is being smuggled.

The Big Hit: After unsuccessful attempts on their lives, Paul and the Contessa are too late to warn Harry that someone is out to kill him.

One and One Makes One: The Protectors are hired to rescue a captured Canadian agent before he breaks, unaware that he is really an enemy agent impostor.

Talkdown: Harry must land a small plane on his own when the pilot dies.

Vocal: Drug dealers plan on using someone who can impersonate Harry's voice in order to get information out of a blinded Paul.

With a Little Help From My Friends: Harry finds his family being threatened after he agrees to guard a visiting president in London.

Chase: The Contessa gives Harry a shotgun for his birthday which he soon puts to good use when while investigating political blackmail he becomes the quarry in a manhunt.

Your Witness: An important witness to a murder who doesn't want the Protectors protection, vanishes soon after she is placed in the Protectors charge.

It Could Be Practically Anywhere on the Island: A poodle that has swallowed a valuable diamond is kidnapped.

The First Circle: Harry is hired to protect a disturbed Vietnam war veteran.

A Case For the Right: The Protectors end up in trouble in the Roman tombs.


Suitable for all ages - Parental Guidance (Some scenes may be unsuitable for young children)

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