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North And South The Complete Collection DVD Box Set

8 DVD, PAL, Region 2, Runtime 1342 mins, Subtitles: English

Fabulously lavish production based on John Jakes best selling novels North and South, Love and War and Heaven and Hell. We follow the story of two families - the Hazards, an industrial family from the North and the Mains, a Southern plantation family.

When Orry Main and George Hazard becaome best friends at West Point Military Academy they could never have known how their lives would change when the Civil War erupts. Their friendship and loyalty are truely put to the test; it sets friend against friend and pushes all family members to their limit.

With a fantastic all-star cast including Patrick Swayze, James Read, Lesley-Anne Down, Gene Kelly, Robert Mitchum, David Carradine, Elizabeth Taylor, Linda Evans and Jean Simmons you cannot fail to get swept up into the lives and loves of these characters.


One is from a Northern industrial family, one from a Southern plantation family. They're West Point graduates whose tried-and-true loyalty helps them survive the Mexican-American War. But their bond faces sterner tests. The issues dividing North and South can also set friend against friend.

John Jakes' bestseller about the pre-Civil War decades thunders to the screen in a lavish, six-part miniseries presented by award-winning executive producer David L. Wolper. In all, 140 actors, numerous extras, 100 production workers, 8,700 pieces of wardrobe and 15,000 set decorations and hand props were used in the five-month, five-state location shoot that brings histrory - and gripping drama - thirllingly alive.


Based on John Jakes' novel Love and War and featuring more than 20 veteran and contemporary Hollywood stars, this six-episode, 3-disc saga chronicles a nation divided and two clans - the Hazards of Pennsylvania and the Mains of South Carolina - caught on opposite sides when the Civial War erupts in May 1861. As war is waged on one battlefield after another, lives on the homefront as well as the frontlines drastically change. The hatred prejudice and greed that tear the fabric of a nation also threaten the very foundation of love and friendship between these two familes.


In this miniseries set in the turbulent post-Civil war years, love and pride soar above a nation restarting itself - and one man's obsessive hatred - for two families tied by friendship and fate. This explosive tale of the next generations of Mains and Hazards boast an all-star cast and lavish production values depicting a time when westward expansion offered opportunity - and triggered dangers to rival those of the conflict just ended. Undercurrents of racism and romantic passion persist on the home front as well as the frontier. In the hands of executive producers David L. and Mark M. Wolper, this sweeping saga rings with historical authenticity and splendid storytelling.


USA and Overseas Buyers: - Please Note that this DVD is Region 2 and the format of the DVD is in PAL. This means that your playback equipment must be code free and able to handle PAL format. Make sure you check your DVD player and TV to make sure before buying.

Certificate Fifteen - Suitable for persons of 15 years or older - Certificate Fifteen (Suitable for persons of 15 years or older)

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