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Jacques Cousteau - The Ultimate Collection 21 DVD Boxset
Jacques Cousteau - The Ultimate Collection 21 DVD Boxset

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The British Monarchy

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The British Monarchy

The British Monarchy

5 DVD, PAL, Region 0

This box set is a fascinating look at the British royal family through the ages and is a unique collection of programmes bringing together five fascinating programmes about the British royal family including:-

  • British Royal Heritage (British Royalty Through The Ages)
  • British Royal Scandals & Conspiracies
  • Royal Romances
  • Diana, A Princess Remembered
  • Who Killed Diana?

Royal HeritageBritish Royal Heritage

Love them or loathe them, the monarchy are at the very heart of British society. This is a quick fire programme that runs through the lineage of the royal family at pace.

The complete History of the British Monarchy in 60 minutes! An irreverent, humorous, yet historically accurate romp through the good, the bad and the extremely ugly Kings and Queens of Great Britain. With Ethelreds, Matildas and so many Henrys, Georges, Williams, Edwards and Elizabeths, sort out your Tudors from your Stuarts once and for all!

 Royal Scandals & ConspiraciesBritish Royal Scandals & Conspiracies

It may seem that a conspiracy theory is a modern phenomenon, but look into the history of the British monarchy and you’ll find a shocking number of skeletons in an awful lot of closets. Uncover for yourself the gruesome murders, dangerous liaisons and political back stabbings that made history and make up your own mind about the fact behind the fiction.


Royal RomancesRoyal Romances

A unique - and exclusive - production from Delta covering parts of history the monarchy would rather forget.

Throughout British history the romantic escapades of the Royals have fascinated mere mortals, ever since the first Kings and Queens were crowned. This touching, passionate and at times downright scandalous journey will reveal the “right Royal romances” that changed the course of history, including the likes of Henry VIII and his many wives and Charles II with his curvaceous orange seller, Nell Gwyn.

Diana, A Princess RememberedDiana, A Princess Remembered

This affectionate tribute has been produced exclusively by Delta

This programme looks at the public perception of Diana, her life and death, then more is revealed about the shy young girl who was transformed into the Queen of so many hearts. We will follow the Diana trail to see the places that influenced her, through to her final resting place in the Northamptonshire countryside as well as piecing together the events of the Diana era in history.

Who Killed Diana?Who Killed Diana?

This is the definitive programme covering the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Princess Diana and includes rare and exclusive footage.
As shown on SKY ONE but with additional footage exclusive

Following Diana’s sudden death in Paris, on August 31 1997, many doubts have surrounded the official story that she was killed in a tragic accident. No event since the assassination of President Kennedy has attracted more conspiracy theories than the death of Princess Diana. This film tries to get behind the theories and uncover the mystery of Diana’s untimely death. At the last count, there were 36,000 websites devoted to conspiracy theories about her death and according to one poll, 78% of the British public believes her death was no accident. This view is apparently common throughout the Islamic world too. In this film, the evidence and main conspiracy theories are examined. Did she fake her own death to escape the paparazzi? Did the British Secret Service kill her to stop a Muslim connection to the Royal Family? We tell the story of what actually did happen on that August weekend and ask whether the facts support the theory that the death of Diana was not an accident.


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