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Jacques Cousteau - The Ultimate Collection 21 DVD Boxset

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Ken Burns America

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Ken Burns America

Ken Burns' AMERICA - Special Edition 4 DVD Box Set

4 DVD Set, PAL, Region 2, Time 10Hrs 45 Mins

Disc 1

THOMAS JEFFERSON - An epic three hour film portrait of America's third president revered as the author of the most acred document in America's history and also condemned as a lifelong owner of slaves.

Disc 2

THE CONGRESS - An elegant, thoughtful and unusually moving history of the United States Congress.
STATUE OF LIBERTY - An Oscar & Shy nominated film exploring the birth, construction and symbolic meaning of the world famous statue.

Disc 3

BROOKLYN BRIDGE - An epic and intricate Oscar nominated story of one of the greatest engineering feats of the 19th century.
EMPIRE OF THE AIR: THE MEN WHO MADE RADIO - The story of three men of genius who helped to forge Radoi as we know it today.

Disc 4

HUEY LONG - A fascinating portrait of one of America's most powerful and controversial political figures.
SHAKERS: HANDS TO WORK, HEARTS TO GOD - A vivid presentaion of the 200 year old history of that strange and noble religious sect, The Shakers.

Ken Burns, multiple award winning creator of THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, THE WEST, JAZZ and THE WAR has been described as quite simply "..The Finest Documentary Film Maker Working Today..", while historian Stephen Ambrose (Band Of Brothers) has stated that "More Americans get their history from Ken Burns than any other source.."

Intelligent, literate and enthralling, this superb DVD collection of his documentary works brilliantly captures individually fascinating stories from American history and tradition.


32 Page Full Colour Series Guidebook

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