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The Clint Eastwood DVD Collection

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The Essential War Collection

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The Essential War Collection

The Essential War Collection 8 DVD Box Set

8 DVD Set, PAL, Region 2

Suitable for all ages - Certificate 18 or over (Contains Strong Violence and War Horror)

This is a fabulous collection of great war films all contained within an attractive 8 disc boxset. The films included in the set are: -

Full Metal Jacket

Stanley Kubrick's brilliant Vietnam War Drama. Expect serious war action with tanks heavy machine gun fire, snipers and marines pushed to the limit both physically and mentally as the drama unfolds.

Kelly's Heros

All star cast in a WWII plot surrounding the concept of stealing Nazi confiscated gold bullion. Lieutenant Kelly leads the dangerous mission behind enemy lines on occupied France to locate and steal the gold bars.

We Were Soldiers

Mel Gibson stars in this powerful and bloody film based on a true story. The complete storyline is not however fully factual and occasionally revises the truth, but is one of the few films that depict the Americans in a somewhat better light over the Vietnam war. Plenty of action and drama as would be expected.

Where Eagles Dare

Classic film where commandos are given the task to rescue a high command US general from a heavily guarded SS fortress called Schloss Adler. The rescue must take place quickly before the General can be broken by the Nazis. Problems occur and the question becomes whether everyone can be trusted or not...

Memphis Belle

A 1943 WWII drama set in the skies as a ten man bomber crew are on a dangerous mission to attack and bomb a stratigic target in Bremen. They are all feeling uneasy about this, their last mission together and this gets worse when the two planes preceding them are shot down. This a gripping tale of courage.

The Dirty Dozen

Much acclaimed war film starring Lee Marvin as the man to command a team of criminals already convicted of serious crimes ranging from rape to murder. The criminals, already serving life sentences or facing death have nothing to lose, so in the hope of a pardon following a successful mission, they agree to sign up to what can only be seen as a likely suicide mission. The mission to parachute into a heavily armed German officer's retreat, destroy the facilities and then kill all the nazis.

Battle Of The Bulge

Second World War drama set in the months after D-Day when the Germans were thought to be broken. Almost 20,000 US soldiers were killed in this German surprise offensive in the Ardennes to drive a wedge between the allied forces and capture Antwerp and Belgium. The allies were caught off guard as they were planning their own offensive and many of the battle troops were inexperienced in combat. The Germans ultimately failed to gain their expected objectives, but although severely reduced, did manage to cause a significant dealy to the allies' timetable.

Escape To Victory

A stadium in occupied Paris is the stage for this unusual soccer match. Prisoners of War agree to play a game of football against the Nazis as a sort of exhibition game. Despite the not unexpected biased referee, the game becomes a close struggle and plans to escape during the match have to be put on hold due to the involvement of the game. Watch out for cameo appearances of a few soccer legends....


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