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Mel Gibson DVD Legacy

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Mel Gibson DVD Legacy

Mel Gibson DVD Legacy Collection (8Disc Boxset)

8 DVD Set, PAL, Region 2

Suitable for all ages - Certificate 18 or over (Contains Strong Violence and War Horror)

A great boxset containing 8 of Mel Gibson's most successful films. Showing us he's not just a handsome hunk but also an
extremely capable comedic actor and a bit of an all action hero on the side aswell. Set includes:

Lethal Weapon & Lethal Weapon 2

The first in the series introduces us to a pair of mismatched cops played by Gibson and Danny Glover who uncover a heroin smuggling ring. Glover is the world-weary 50 year old trying to keep a very unstable Mel Gibson on track to try and discover who is behind the operation with devastating consequences.
In the second Lethal Weapon the two partners have now been together for 2 years and are inseparable. They get involved in the discovery of another drug smuggling operation after being given the assignment of looking after a witness called Leo Getz (played by the wonderful Joe Pesci). Needless to say things don't go to plan as Getz is almost murdered almost as soon as he comes into their care.


This time he is playing a bad guy, a thief who steals $140,000 together with his pal Val Resnick. Although they had originally agreed to split the takings, Val reneges on the deal and shoots Gibson in the back leaving him for dead. Six months later, having survived the shooting, Gibson is back looking for Val and his money.

Conspiracy Theory

Mel Gibson plays slighty crazy individual who sees conspiracy theories in virtually everything. It seems however that one of the theories may be true.


A great comedy with Gibson playing a conman and card shark who teams up with a woman gambler (Jodie Foster) to try and get the funds together to enter a winner takes all poker game.

Tequila Sunrise

Gibson plays drug dealer Mac Mckussic and old friend of cop Nick Frescia (Kurt Russell). Nick is assigned to investigate Mac and bring him in. He gets close to a woman who he thinks can help him find out what Mac is up to.However since Mac also has feelings for her the whole situation could spell the end of their friendship.

What Women Want

Mel is in a lighter mode again here playing an alpha male who can hear women's thoughts. The film follows him through his life at work and at home with his daughter trying to use his newly found "gift" to his advantage - which doesn't always work.

Mad Max

An early film from Mel Gibson which really put him on the map. Set in Australia sometime in the future he plays a man set on revenge after the deaths of his wife and child.


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