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The Clint Eastwood DVD Collection

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Donnie Brasco - Traffic - Charlie

Catalog No: EDV9446
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Donnie Brasco - Traffic - Charlie

Donnie Brasco - Traffic - Charlie

3 DVD Set, PAL, Region 2

Suitable for all ages - Contains very strong language and violence

Superb 3 DVD set - thrillers all the way!

Set includes:

Donnie Brasco

Based on a true story Donnie Brasco stars as an FBI agent who goes undercover to infiltrate a New York Mafia family. It stars Johnny Depp in the lead role who, over time becomes friends with a low-level member of the mob Lefty (Al Pacino). The longer the FBI man plays his role as gangster the more he finds the line between his real life and his undercover life is becoming blurred. And he knows eventually the day of reckoning will come where he will have to give up his friend leaving him to an almost certain death. A great modern-day gangster film which lets you peek inside the world of organised crime.


Winning a handful of Oscars Traffic is a great film which will keep you on the edge of your seat. It takes you into the murky world of drug trafficking using a series of interlinking stories. They include honest and dishonest cops, high flying, wealthy drug dealers with their seemingly straightforward family life, the governmental Drug Czar with the drug addict daughter and a drug dealer ratting out his boss to the cops. It's a gritty thriller with Steven Soderbergh directing a huge cast at their very best.


We now see a British gangster at work. This film is again a true story, but this time set in the 1960s when London was ruled by two families. The Krays in the north and the Richardsons in the south. It tells the story of Charlie Richardson who was the head of the "Torture Gang". He and his brother Eddy get involved with a South African businessman called Richard Waldeck. The notorious "Torture Trial" is the result of his arrest but here we get to see what really happened from Charlie's side.

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