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The Incredible Hulk Triple DVD Set

Catalog No: MARBOX19
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The Incredible Hulk Triple DVD Set

The Incredible Hulk Complete Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD


Hustle The Complete Series

Hustle The Complete Series


Caught in the heart of a nuclear explosion, a victim of gamma radiation gone wild, Doctor Robert Bruce Banner now finds himself transformed in times of stress into one thousand pounds of unfettered fury - the most powerful creature ever to walk the earth.

Desperate to rid himself of the beast raging inside, Bruce Banner becomes a hapless fugitive in the 1990s animated series of The Incredible Hulk.

In Season one with the relentless General Ross in hot pursuit, Bruce Banner's experimental escapades lead to some heroic help from Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, Thor and She-Hulk. Meanwhile the Hulk faces explosive encounters with the Leader, Doctor Doom and the Abomination.

In Season two, Bruce Banner is forced to confront his new personas – the awesome Grey Hulk and the monstrous Dark Hulk – and gets kidnapped by the Abomination. With so much Hulk power around, villains rush to control the Hulk for their own evil ends including the Leader and Doctor Doom.

This triple DVD includes all 21 episodes of the complete first and second seasons of Marvel's 1990s animated series The Incredible Hulk and the introduction of She-Hulk to a wider audience. With voice-over by Lou Ferrigno, the renowned Hulk actor from Marvel's live-action 1970s TV series, this box set features an Emmy award winning episode for the audio work on “The Lost Village”...

Episode 1
Return of the Beast, Part 1
At Gamma Base, Bruce Banner’s desperate experiment to cure himself of the Hulk is thwarted by the monstrous partnership of the Leader and the Abomination.

Episode 2
Return of the Beast, Part 2
Captured by the Abomination, Bruce Banner’s life hangs in the balance. Betty Ross and Rick Jones join forces with friendly gamma mutants to rescue the Hulk from the clutches of the evil Leader.

Episode 3
Raw Power
When Bruce Banner’s experiment causes a new-found friend to become the energy-eating Zzzax, the Incredible Hulk is thrown deep into an electrifying battle.

Episode 4
Helping Hand, Iron Fist
With General Ross’ Hulkbusters close on his heels, Banner enlists the aide of close friend Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, for another attempt to cure him of The Incredible Hulk.

Episode 5
Innocent Blood
The heat is on in the windy city when the Hulk is hunted by fiery motorcyclist Ghost Rider and shot down by Major Talbot’s life-threatening tranquilizer ray.

Episode 6
Man to Man, Beast to Beast
In the Canadian wilderness, The Incredible Hulk is befriended by a small boy and his dog while in the midst of meeting his match, the ever-powerful Sasquatch.

Episode 7
There are no happy families as Bruce Banner visits cousin Jennifer Walters. The ensuing melee against the dreaded Doctor Doom leads to an emergency blood transfusion and the rise of the savage She-Hulk.

Episode 8
Fantastic Fortitude
When Bruce Banner turns to The Fantastic Four for a cure, She-Hulk is smitten with the Thing. There’s no love lost as the Leader and his Gamma Warriors threaten the green-skinned duo’s experiment

Episode 9
Mortal Bounds
The grotesque Gargoyle inadvertently unleashes a Gamma virus in Detroit. With Betty dying from an infection, the Hulk and God of Thunder, Thor, slug it out against the Abomination for a serum.

Episode 10
And the Wind Cries... Wendigo
When Betty Ross is captured in the wilderness by terrifying mystical monster Wendigo, General Ross and the Hulk become locked together in a bid to rescue her.

Episode 11
Darkness and Light, Part 1
Doctor Samson, Betty Ross and Rick Jones complete their nutrient bath to separate Banner from the Hulk. As the military’s mission of meddling continues, the Hulk’s appetite for destruction returns.

Episode 12
Darkness and Light, Part 2
The Leader captures the mindless Hulk and transfers his own brilliant mind into the beast’s mighty body. The resultant rampage pits Banner against his former alter-ego.

Episode 13
Darkness and Light, Part 3
Banner and the Hulk cannot survive without one another. Thanks to a deranged General Ross, a planned merger goes awry in a grim experimental ending.

Episode 14
Hulk of a Different Color
Bruce Banner is dragged through the courts and into a mind-blowing deal with the insatiable Leader. A gamma radiation experiment mutates Rick Jones into a fledgling green Hulk whilst another Bruce Banner persona manifests itself in the shape of Grey Hulk.

Episode 15
Down Memory Lane
A weakened She-Hulk plans a shock high school reunion but is given a lesson in love as the demonic Gargoyle falls head over heels for her. There’s little chance of a happy ending as the green Hulk slugs it out with the hideous Abomination.

Episode 16
Mind Over Anti-Matter
When Bruce Banner is possessed by destructive supernatural forces, She-Hulk enlists the help of Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange. Mind games unfold as the Green and Grey Hulks encounter a frightening Dark Hulk.

Episode 17
They Call Me Mr. Fix-It
Accompanied by brutal enforcer Crusher Creel, Chicago’s seductive and sinister mob boss Allure bribes Bruce Banner for a power boost. Enter rival gangster She-Hulk and her own sharp-suited muscle “Mr. Fix-It”.

Episode 18
Fashion Warriors
Bruce Banner escorts his cousin She-Hulk to a Miami charity fashion show but chaos breaks out on the catwalk as the Leader and Gargoyle release knockout gas. It’s up to a new model army to extinguish the towering threat to the city.

Episode 19
Hollywood Rocks
Asteroids are hurtling towards Earth and Bruce Banner’s rescue efforts are thwarted by the destructive Doctor Doom. Despite She-Hulk landing a star Hollywood role, it’s a rocky road to success against vengeful Victor.

Episode 20
The Lost Village
After the Hulk rescues an elderly Chinese man from an army of Ninja warriors, a magical medallion leads him, She-Hulk and Betty to Tibet in search of a cure for the Hulk. No secrets are safe as they run into the deadly Scimitar.

Episode 21
Mission Incredible
The mistress of impersonation, Hybrid, infiltrates Sea Base in the guise of General Ross. As mistaken identities create havoc, Bruce, Betty and She-Hulk are forced into covert tactics to defuse an unstable Gamma power core


USA and Overseas Buyers: - Please Note that this DVD is Region 2 and the format of the DVD is in PAL. This means that your playback equipment must be code free and able to handle PAL format. Make sure you check your DVD player and TV to make sure before buying.

Certificate Fifteen - Suitable for persons of 15 years or older - Parental Guidance (General Viewing But Some Scenes May Be Unsuitable For Young Children)

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