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The River - David Essex
The River - David Essex

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UFO Complete Collection

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UFO Complete Collection

UFO Volumes 1 to 8 Collectors Editions DVD Box Sets - UK VERSION !

8 DVD, PAL, REGION 2 - **ALL 26 EPISODES** from UFO VOLUMES 1 to 4 and UFO VOLUMES 5 to 8

Get ready for the ultimate 1970s live action Science Fiction show from the highly acclaimed Gerry Anderson production team. With the threat from an alien race, danger is ever present and adventure is just around the corner.

UFO was a fabulous 70s Sci-Fi TV series which was created following the historical accomplishments of the Moon missions as well as the climate of Cold War. It maintained an eerie atomsphere and contained some original and thought provoking storylines. The classic special effects and wardrobe make this a truly unique and not to be missed classic.

UFO Complete CollectionUFO Volume 1 To 4UFO Volume 5 To 8


  • Gerry Anderson Commentary
  • Alternate Opening Sequence
  • Production Gallery
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Main Character Profile
  • SHADO Dossiers and Memorabilia Gallery
  • Ed Bishop Eposode Commentary
  • Storyboards Of The Cat With Ten Lives
  • Doppelganger Illustrated Text Featurette
  • Key Actor Profiles
  • Production Notes

After ten years of setbacks and sabotage, S.H.A.D.O. (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation) is finally ready to defend the Earth from Alien Invasion, set under the guise of a working film studio.

Led by Commander Ed Straker, S.H.A.D.O. will need all their wits, technology and action craft if they are going to win the battle against an alien race intent on using humans as organ donors.

UFO Volumes 1 - 4

UFO Volumes 1 to 4

1. Identified: Following a fire at Westbrook Electronics, Colonel Freeman is assigned to safeguard important Utronic equipment on a flight from Los Angeles. But SID detects an approaching UFO - its target: Freeman's aircraft!
2. Computer Affair: An astronaut is killed during a UFO alert and the UFO gets through SHADO's outer defences. Straker wants to know why it happened and suspects human error. Is the relationship between Gay Ellis and Mark Bradley to blame?
3. Flight Path: Straker learns that technician Paul Roper is passing computer coordinates to the Aliens. Under interrogation, Roper explains that his wife is being threatened, but is unable to reveal the identity of his contact. The significance of the coordinates remains a mystery until Straker realises that the Aliens are planning to attack Moonbase!
4. Exposed: An XV-104 test plane wanders into a UFO target area and the pilot, Paul Foster, makes sightings of both the UFO and Sky One. Angry and frustrated that no one believes his story, Foster suspects a cover-up and decides to conduct his own investigation into the activities of ex-USAF Colonel Ed Straker.

5. Survival: Foster proves that the sudden decompression of the Leisure Sphere, which killed astronaut Bill Grant, was caused by an Alien bullet - fired by a lone Alien at large on the lunar surface. Leading a team to track down the Alien's UFO, Foster's investigations lead to disaster when he is cut off from Moonbase, believed dead!
6. Conflict: When an Alien Limpet UFO causes the destruction of Lunar Module 32, Straker demands a clean-up programme by the International Astrophysical Commission to remove hazardous space debris from Earth orbit. But Straker finds himself butting heads with I.A.C. chairman James Henderson, who wants a complete shut-down of SHADO operations
7. The Dalotek Affair: When Moonbase experiences a radio and video blackout, Foster suspects that a geo-scanner, operated by a team of surveyors at the Dalotek installation, is to blame. Then a second blackout causes the deaths of two astronauts when their lunar module crashes near Moonbase. But are the Dalotek team to blame?

8. A Question Of Priorities: Straker faces the toughest decision of his career when his son is critically injured in an accident. The drug that can save his life can only be ferried from New York in time aboard a SHADO Transporter - the same Transporter that is in the prime position to track an Alien defector on the West Coast of Ireland
9. Ordeal: Tired and hung-over after an all night party, Foster takes part in a mandatory fitness programme at the SHADO Research Centre. After passing out in the sauna, he wakes to find the Centre under attack by the Aliens, who beat him senseless and drag him to their UFO!
10. The Responsibility Seat: Reporter Jo Fraser bugs Straker's office and records a potentially damaging communique. To maintain security, Straker sets out to recover the tape, leaving Alec Freeman in the hot seat back at SHADO HQ as a Russian mobile rig goes out of control and heads for a collision with Moonbase

11. The Square Triangle: In the woods between Clare Cross and Lingbury, an injured Alien stumbles into a lonely cottage and is shot down by Liz Newton and her lover Cass Fowler. Liz and Cass are taken to SHADO HQ for questioning, but when Liz's husband arrives at the cottage, Paul Foster realises that the Alien's death was no accident!
12. Court Martial: Classified information about a Skydiver rendezvous with a supply ship has been leaked to the press and Paul Foster is the only suspect. Under SHADO regulations he faces a military court martial - if he is found guilty, the sentence is death! Believing him to be innocent, Straker and Freeman race to find the real culprit.
13. Close Up: Straker gets IAC backing to use a B142 space probe mounted with an electronic telescope to track and follow a UFO to its origin, there to take pictures of the Alien homeworld and transmit them back to Earth. Now comes the difficult part - to manoeuvre a UFO into a position where the probe can be activated into a new flight pattern.

UFO Volumes 5 - 8

UFO Volumes 5 to 8

14. Confetti Check A.O.K: After Lt. Grey becomes a father, Straker recalls the early days of SHADO. It is 1970 and the United Nations grants Straker the finance to set up his defence organisation. But the long hours and secrecy have a disastrous effect on his marriage
15. E.S.P.: John Croxley's talent for extra sensory perception is heightened after his wife is killed when a UFO crashes into their house. With his mind under the influence of the Aliens, Croxley learns the secrets of SHADO and lures Straker and Freeman to the remains of his house - to kill them!
16. Kill Straker!: When a Lunar Module is attacked by a UFO, Straker makes a split-second decision that endangers the astronauts, but ultimately saves them. Later, he is surprised to find his authority being questioned by his most loyal officer, Colonel Paul Foster, who spearheads a campaign against him. Then an attempt is made on Straker's life.

17. Sub-Smash: Suspecting a UFO to be responsible for the sinking of a freighter, Straker, Foster and Nina Barry investigate in Skydiver. Attacked by an undersea UFO, the submarine is downed on a ledge on the sea bed and the crew are trapped. While Straker fights against his claustrophobia, Nina faces a living nightmare
18. The Sound Of Silence: While SHADO tracks a UFO in heavy woodland, international show-jumper Russell Stone goes missing from his estate. Foster investigates a lake where there is no sign of animal life and discovers a mutilated corpse
19. The Cat With Ten Lives: The body of an Alien, recovered after a UFO attack on Moonbase, reveals some startling new evidence which overturns all SHADO's previous theories about the Aliens. For Interceptor pilot Jim Regan, the news has tragic consequences as he becomes possessed by the mind of an Alien held in the body of a Siamese cat!

20. Destruction: A Naval vessel shoots down a UFO in the Atlantic, but the Admiralty rejects further investigation into the incident. Straker suspects a cover-up and wants to know why, so Foster courts Admiral Sheringham's secretary, Sarah Bosanquet. What they discover could mean the end of all life on Earth
21. The Man Who Came Back: Reported missing, presumed dead, after a UFO incident which has left SID disabled, astronaut Craig Collins turns up alive and well. But as an operation to complete repair work on SID is planned, Colonel Lake and Colonel Grey discover that Collins is not the man he used to be
22. The Psychobombs: Three ordinary people are possessed by the Aliens and given fantastic powers to enable them to carry out acts of sabotage against SHADO installations. After the destruction of the Fairfield Tracker Station and Skydiver 3, Paul Foster makes contact with Linda Simmonds, the last surviving member of the trio. But SHADO HQ is the next target on the Alien's list.

23. Reflections In The Water: The freighter 'Kingston' is sunk in mid-Atlantic by "flying fish" missiles and an underwater cameraman dies in mysterious circumstances. Then Deep Probe 87 reports a build-up of UFOs in Area NML 12 and Straker discovers that the Aliens plan to bypass the SHADO defences with an elaborate deception.
24. Timelash: Straker and Colonel Lake return to the Harlington-Straker Studios to find the SHADO personnel inexplicably frozen in time. Realising that the timelock is the result of Alien intervention and heralds an invasion attempt, the pair find themselves racing against time in a duel to the death!
25. Mindbender: A UFO destroys itself within three miles of Moonbase and astronaut Conroy returns from the crash site with a rare moon diamond. But the diamond has been planted by the Aliens to exert a hallucinogenic influence over the SHADO personnel - soon there are Mexican bandits in Moonbase Control and Aliens at SHADO HQ!
26. The Long Sleep: Catherine Frazer awakes from a ten year coma with vital information about a close encounter in a derelict farmhouse. Straker struggles to unravel the mystery locked in Catherine's memories and unearths a terrifying threat that has lain dormant for a decade.


12 Or Over - Certificate 12 (Suitable onlyfor persons of 12 years and over)

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