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Doris Day Boxset Collection

Catalog No: GOSDVD2040
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Doris Day Boxset Collection

The DORIS DAY BOXSET COLLECTION - Over 33 Hours on 19 DVDs + 40 Music Tracks

19 DVDs and 2 CDs PAL, REGION 2 - 13 Films, 26 Episodes From her TV Show and 40 Music Tracks

A Real Monster Collection Of Doris Day Films, TV and Music

Doris Day Films TV and Music



Doris Day Screen Goddess

The Doris Day Anthology



The Doris Day Show



World Of Doris Day


Young At Heart
Lover Come Back
Pillow Talk
The Thrill Of It All
Send Me No Flowers
It Happened To Jane
The Pajama Game
On Moonlight Bay
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
Lucky Me
Tea For Two
Lullaby Of Broadway
April In Paris


26 Episodes from
The Doris Day TV Show


40 Tracks From
The World Of Doris Day



The Doris Day Collection

Doris Day Sceen GoddessDoris Day Sceen Goddess Rear View

Doris Day Film Collection

6 DVD - PAL - Region 2 - Run Time 10 Hours 7 Mins


This 3 Double DVD Box Set contains six separate Films together in a 6 Disc Box Set.

Young At Heart

...A classy music score of Frank Sinatra recordings highlights this charming, whimsical TV movie. Olympia Dukakis shines as a recently widowed matriarch of a middle-class Italian family from New Jersey who, in the middle of the night, hears a mysterious voice she swears is her idol, Frank Sinatra, telling her to get on with her life. Discovering her husband gambled away their home, she decides to open a restaurant in order to pay off the debt, but runs into trouble when a local mobster demands payment. Her family, friends and even Ol' Blue Eyes himself (in a cameo appearance) come to her rescue. Dukakis steals the show in this heart-warming drama smartly directed by Allan Arkush and executive produced by Tina Sinatra, Frank's adoring daughter. Supporting players Joe Penny (from TV series Jake and the Fatman), Louis Zorich (Dukakis's real-life husband) and Philip Bosco all enliven the proceedings...

Lover Come Back

...A Romantic comedy that features Doris Day and Rock Hudson as two Madison Avenue advertising rivals. Jerry (Rock Hudson) uses unethical means for securing accounts while Carol (Doris Day) lures clients with her charm and knowledge. Annoyed by Jerry's methods, Carol tries to get him thrown out of his profession, but when he steals a client out from under her nose, revenge propels her to infiltrate his secret campaign...

Pillow Talk

...the uninhibited story of a carefree bachelor, a carefree career girl and the hilarious things that happen when they tangle. Rock Hudson is Brad Allen a songwriter and notorious playboy. Doris Day is Jan Morrow, a "pert" interior decorator. Together they share a party line over which they develop an intense dislike for one another. But when Brad eventually matches Jan's voice to her face and figure, the events that follow in this romantic comedy succeed in giving new meaning to the phrase "All's fair in love and war"...

The Thrill Of It All

... At a dinner party, Beverly Boyer (Doris Day), wife and mother of two, tells the manufacturer of Happy soap about her experiences with his product. Charmed by her spontaneous appearance he offers her a chance to tell her story in his commercials. Beverley accepts and she quickly turns from housewife into famous television personality, much to the dismay of her neglected husband, Carl...

Send Me No Flowers

...Rock Hudson stars as a hyper-hypochondriac who's convinced he's dying. Doris Day plays his put-upon wife and Tony Randall is the friend and neighbour who takes the news of Hudson's impending "demise" very badly. It's sophisticated stuff, the last of the Day/Hudson collaborations, shot through with a mordant wit that may chime better with today's audience than it did with movie-goers back in the 1960s. Paul Lynde is hysterical as a cemetery plot salesman, and there are telling performances from Edward Andrews and big Clint Walker. Hudson was invariably under-rated as a performer, but here he's excellent, lending grace to a difficult role and imbuing his character with sly, winning humour...

It Happened To Jane

...Jane Osgood (Doris Day) is a single mum working in the live lobster business. But when a big order for the Marshall Country Club turns up dead, it kills her chances of a successful season. Discovering budget cuts at the railroad are to blame, she turns to George Denham (Jack Lemmon) to seek compensation from the railroad's tyranical owner, Malone (Ernie Kovacs). The press has a field day with this modern day David and Goliath story and the whole country turns to Cape Anne, Maine, to watch as one woman stands up to the meanest man in the world.....

The Doris Day Anthology

The Doris Day AnthologyThe Doris Day Anthology Rear View

Doris Day Anthology Film Collection

7 DVD - PAL - Region 2


This 7 Disc DVD Box Set contains seven separate Films together in a 7 Disc Box Set.

The Pajama Game

...Labour and management at the SleepTite Pajama Factory are not sleeping well recently, the reason is the proposed 7.5 cent per hour wage increase which is likely to result in industrial action...

On Moonlight Bay

...Not since Judy met the boy next door in St. Louis has there been a heap of tuneful, romantic Midwestern America like this...

By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

...The stars come out when the night shimmers like this! Young lovers Doris Day and Gordon MacREA return in a moonlit sequel to On Moonlight Bay...

Lucky Me

... Struggling performer Candy Williams (Doris Day) has lots of ways to keep bad luck from crossing her path...

Tea For Two

...Wealthy stage struck Nan Carter (Doris Day) strikes a bet that she can say no to everything for 48 hours...

Lullaby Of Broadway

...The steps of the studio set towered before her like a pyramid. All Doris Day had to do was dance up and down those steps wearing a flowing gold lame dress.....

April In Paris

...The State Department wants Ethel Barrymore to represent the American theatre at an art exposition in Paris. But miss Ethel Barrymore's invitation goes instead to Miss Ethel "Dynamite" Jackson (Doris Day) A very blonde, very brassy chorus girl and she is going to give Paris an Eyeffel.....

The Doris Day TV Show

The Doris Day TV Show

Doris Day 1960s TV Show Collection

6 DVD - PAL - Region 2 - Run Time 12 Hours 30 Mins


Vivacious motion picture legend Doris Day returns for a sophomore season of situation comedy delights in this highly rated hit show which ran on CBS-TV from 1968-1973.

In the second year of THE DORIS DAY SHOW, widow Doris Martin (Day) becomes a working mother. Commuting to San Francisco from her family farm in the country, Martin is the new secretary to Today's World magazine editor Michael Nicholson, played by McLean Stevenson (M*A*S*H). Rose Marie (The Dick Van Dyke Show) portrays colleague Myrna Gibbons.

THE DORIS DAY SHOW SEASON 2 contains all 26 re-mastered episodes from the 1969-70 season plus a wealth of rare and new bonus features.


  1. Episode 01 - DORIS GETS A JOB (Sept 1969)
  2. Episode 02 - A FROG CALLED HAROLD (Sept 1969)
  3. Episode 03 - MARRIED FOR A DAY (Oct 1969)
  4. Episode 04 - THE WOMAN HATER (Oct 1969)
  5. Episode 05 - THE CHOCOLATE BAR WAR (Oct 1969)
  6. Episode 06 - THE HEALTH KING (Nov 1969)
  7. Episode 07 - DORIS, THE MODEL (Nov 1969)
  8. Episode 08 - DORIS STRIKES OUT(Nov 1969)
  9. Episode 09 - SINGLES ONLY (Dec 1969)
  10. Episode 10 - TOGETHERNESS (Dec 1969)
  11. Episode 11 - A TWO FAMILY CHRISTMAS (Dec 1969)
  12. Episode 12 - YOU'RE AS OLD AS YOU FEEL (Dec 1969)
  13. Episode 13 - THE PRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY (Jan 1970)
  14. Episode 14 - DORIS VERSUS THE COMPUTER (Jan 1970)
  15. Episode 15 - HOT DOGS (Jan 1970)
  16. Episode 16 - TODAY'S WORLD CATCHES THE MEASLES (Jan 1970)
  17. Episode 17 - THE GAS STATION (Feb 1970)
  18. Episode 18 - KIDNAPPED (Feb 1970)
  19. Episode 19 - BUCK'S PORTRAIT (Feb 1970)
  20. Episode 20 - DORIS HIRES A MILLIONAIRE Part 1 (Feb 1970)
  21. Episode 21 - DORIS HIRES A MILLIONAIRE Part 2 (Mar 1970)
  22. Episode 22 - A WOMAN'S INTUITION (Mar 1970)
  23. Episode 23 - DORIS MEETS A PRINCE (Mar 1970)
  24. Episode 24 - THE DUKE RETURNS (Mar 1970)
  25. Episode 25 - THE OFFICE TROUBLESHOOTER (Mar 1970)
  26. Episode 26 - COLONEL FAIRBURN TAKES OVER (Apr 1970)


  • Network Promos
  • Outtakes & Greeting From Doris Day
  • Blooper Reel
  • Screen Test
  • Cast Interviews
  • Season 3 Preview
  • Special Footage

The World Of Doris Day

The World Of Doris Day

The World Of DORIS DAY - 40 Tracks

New Double Album Of Original Recordings Digitally Re-Mastered

Great New Release of 40 Classic tracks. All good quality Original Recordings performed by DORIS DAY

Disc 1

01 Whatever Will Be Will Be (Que Sera Sera)
02 Secret Love
03 Sugarbush (with Frankie Laine)
04 My Love And Devotion
05 The Black Hills Of Dakota
06 If I Give My Heart To You
07 Let’s Take An Old Fashioned Walk (with Frank Sinatra)
08 Ready, Willing And Able
09 Love Me Or Leave Me
10 I’ll Never Stop Loving You
11 Let’s Walk A That-A-Way (with Johnnie Ray)
12 Makin’ Whoopie
13 Ain’t We Got Fun
14 The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)
15 I Wish I Had A Girl
16 Nobody’s Sweetheart
17 My Buddy
18 Ooh! Bang! Jiggly Jang!
19 Let It Ring
20 I’ll See You In My Dreams

Disc 2

01 The Deadwood Stage (Whip-Crack-Away) (from Calamity Jane)
02 Just Blew In From The Windy City (from Calamity Jane)
03 I Can Do Without You (with Howard Keel) (from Calamity Jane)
04 A Woman’s Touch (from Calamity Jane)
05 ‘Tis Harry I’m Planning To Marry (from Calamity Jane)
06 No Two People (with Donald O’Connor)
07 Ten Cents A Dance
08 When I Fall In Love
09 It Had To Be You
10 On Moonlight Bay
11 Lullaby Of Broadway
12 By The Light Of The Silv-ry Moon
13 You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me
14 When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along
15 Kiss Me Again, Stranger
16 A Guy Is A Guy
17 It’s A Lovely Day Today
18 Candy Lips (with Johnnie Ray)
19 You Made Me Love You
20 Sentimental Journey


Suitable for all ages - Parental Guidance (Some scenes may be unsuitable for young children)

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